Did You Know That A Camel Laughs Like Jike Peter Griffin …..


The camel is one of the most fascinating animals on the planet. It has distinctive features like the fat deposits called “humps” on its back as well as a unique and easily recognizable stature. Camels are domesticated and bring value to the lives of some Middle Eastern and African cultures. They can carry huge loads over great distances and can be used as a meat source as well as give milk.

As it turns out camels also have vocal talents or at least one does. There is a camel that can laugh like Peter Griffin from “Family Guy”.The camel in question has quickly become a real Internet sensation. It can imitate the laugh of the famous cartoon character with great accuracy and is actually quite entertaining to see.


However, there are people on the Internet who do not believe the video is real but it’s enjoyable to watch nevertheless.


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