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A college in Ottawa, Canada, is making headlines after its staff e-mailed the test results of 1,400 of its students to 40 other students by accident.

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The educational institution in question is Algonquin College and it e-mailed the tests results from over 1,400 of its health program admission tests.


The error mailed a total of 1,411 tests, which all carried not only the written results of the question forms, but also other important information, such as students’ e-mail addresses, their names, their student numbers, and even their programs of choice. The college claims that the information wasn’t consistent and complete in such ways that it could make it possible for somebody to carry out identity thefts with it and to impersonate some of the students, whose results had been e-mailed.
Regardless, the fact is that the staff accidentally e-mailed these files to 40 other students. The recipients of the e-mails were instructed to immediately delete them. The college stated that those e-mails, which were still unopened by the recipients, were immediately recalled about an hour after they were sent out.

A spokesperson for the Canadian college, Mr. Phil Gaudreau, spoke about to incident to CBC. He apologized for the error and stated that it was never the staff’s intention to do such things. He also said that the college will ensure nothing like this will ever happen again and that the staff will get to the bottom of the nasty event and will find out why it happened. Laura Stanbra, the vice president for student services at Algonquin College also made a public statement regarding the case and apologized for the inconveniences. Stranba stated that everybody is taking action into solving the problem and its origin and into making sure that it won’t happen again.


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