Did you know that a Canadian dentist wants to use John Lennon's ….


Late musical legends continue hitting the headlines for all sorts of reasons – from hall of fames to previously buried scandals. However, this case is slightly different.


Nearly 3 years ago one of John Lennon’s molars was put up for auction. A Canadian dentist named Michael Zuk, bought it for $33,000. Nowadays the doctor is finally revealing his plans for the tooth of the late Beatles vocalist and guitar player. Zuk wants to extract enough DNA from the tooth in order to use it for cloning a baby. The doc admitted his shocking intentions adding that he would want to raise the cloned baby as his own child. Furthermore, he wants to make the child an exact copy of the late musician excluding his problems with alcohol and drugs.


Zuk is sure that he wouldn’t be allowed to make his dream come true just anywhere, but he’s positive that he will find a country that will allow him to do such things. Furthermore, he even states that he is the rightful owner of Lennon’s DNA since he bought the tooth from the auction.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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