Did you know that a CCTV camera caught an armed shop robber actually apologizing to…


A scared shop clerk was robbed on her workplace by a masked man, who actually apologized to her for his actions.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

According to official reports, Jeanette Greenwell had opened the Diane’s Newsagency, where she works, for about an hour before a masked raider came into the shop and demanded the money from the cashbox. Jeanette thought the man was joking, but once she saw he was armed, she gave him the money. He took them and apologized for his actions before bolting for the exit. Jeanette, who’s from North Tyneside, called the store’s owners shortly after the robbery. Bob Patterson, the husband of the shop’s owner, took Jeanette back to her home and later contacted the police. Fortunately, the CCTV cameras in the store had caught the robber on tape. The police are now on the lookout for any suspects, who might fit his description. The man, who was reportedly holding a gun, didn’t hurt Jeanette during the robbery. However, ever since the heist, which took place earlier this February, police patrol have been placed in the area in order to help the citizens feel safer and to look for the suspect.
They are asking anyone with information about the robber to contact them immediately.


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