Did You Know That A Childless Widow Left A $13 Million Fortune To Her….


Many pet owners today consider their pets an integral part of the family. Studies prove that owning and taking care of a pet can truly enhance your life. Not only do pets give unconditional love and affection but they also provide considerable health benefits for their owners.


Many people willingly treat their loved pets as real human beings that are part of the family. For example, Maria Assunta from Rome, Italy loved her pet cat so much that she made the feline companion her sole heir. Maria rescued the stray cat from the streets of Rome nearly 4 years ago. She gave it a bath and named the kitten Tommaso. After that the cat became her best friend.

When 94-year-old Maria’s health began to deteriorate she tried to find a way to make sure her cat would be taken care of after she died. Sadly, Maria had no offspring and no immediate relatives. However, she was the widow of a wealthy Italian businessman so she decided to make her kitty Tommaso her sole heir.


Eventually, Maria passed away and her cat inherited the staggering fortune of $13 million. Stefania, the nurse who took care of Maria during the last few years of her life, was left in charge of Tommaso and the inheritance which also included real estate properties throughout Rome, Milan and Calabria. The lawyers taking care of the widow’s will shared that there were numerous emails from candidates who wanted to adopt the cat but Tommaso will remain in Stefania’s sole custody.

Tommaso’s inheritance places him in the third spot of the most rich pets in the world after a chimp who got $80 million from its owner and a German shepherd with $300 million left to it by an eccentric German countess.


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