Did You Know That A Chinese Billionaire Is Selling Canned Air In China To ….


The Chinese multi-millionaire Chen Guangbiao is not only believed to be one of China’s wealthiest individuals but also a reputed philanthropist who cares deeply about the local environment and its preservation.


The air quality in the city of Beijing as well as in other heavily urbanized ares in China often registers far into the unhealthy zone. The citizens of Beijing recently experienced one of the worst smogs, ever recorded in history, caused by vehicles and various industries.

Mr. Gungbiao’s latest eccentric venture is targeting exactly this extremely important and pressing environmental issue. The Chinese philanthropist funded an enterprise that sells cans of fresh air to citizens for 5 Chinese Yuan or $0.80 a pop. The special edition fresh air cans also come in a wide range of flavors including “post-industrial Taiwan” and “pristine Tibet”.


The eccentric rich man worth $740 million claims he will donate all the proceedings from his campaign to charitable foundations which aim to spread awareness about one of China’s biggest environmental issues. Although this campaign of his could be deemed as a mere publicity stunt, the millionaire Chen Guangbiao has donated millions to charity and has sworn to give away his entire fortune when he dies.


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