Did you know that A Chinese couple sold their baby on the Internet so they could buy an…


A Chinese couple got jailed after they sold their newborn baby on the web so they could buy an iPhone and a motorbike.

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An unnamed Chinese couple is making headlines after they carried out the most outrageous deed to their own flesh and blood.

The pseudonyms given to the couple – A. Duan and Xiao Mei – are disguising the true identity of the couple in question, but their deeds have gone viral. The guy and his significant other were both 19 years old when he got her pregnant and since they were having some financial struggles, they came up with a plan – to bear the child and to sell it for cash. And that’s exactly what they did! According to official reports, the man spent quite some time on the Internet in various chat rooms before he finally found a buyer for the child. The reports state that the baby in question was only 18 days old when the parents sold it for 23,000 Yuan (around $3,500 in USD) in order to buy some things they thought they needed more than anything else – an iPhone and a motorbike!


As if things couldn’t get any more scandalous, the reports cite that the mother of the newborn baby explained that she was adopted and that she knew many kids in her rural area were being given up for adoption. In other words, she found nothing wrong with the idea of selling her own flesh and blood through the Internet for an iPhone! The reports state that the man was jailed for 3 years, but that the mother of the 18 year old was given a 2 and a half year suspended sentence, because she claimed she didn’t know she was doing anything illegal.

The baby is currently remaining with the buyer, who got it for his sister, until child care services come up with a better plan for the child’s future.


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