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Did You Know That A Chinese Farmer Built A Realistic Space Shuttle Replica On Top Of His House Because…


We are very well familiar with the peculiarities of some Chinese people who enjoy building huge farms, luxurious villas and even temples on the rooftops of apartment buildings. Now another 63-year-old Chinese citizen named Meng Ni decided to fulfill his dream in a unique way.


Meng Ni originally from the Guandong province located in the southern part of China had dreamed of flying into space since he was a little kid. Unfortunately he grew up in a remote poor village and very soon realized that his dream is practically impossible to achieve. He had to take up the family business which was farming and provide for his family.


Later in life after Meng Ni’s business took off he had saved enough money to finally pursue his dream.  He decided to build almost full-sized replica of a NASA space shuttle and place it on his rooftop. Although it does not bear the NASA logo it has the USA flag on it and has flashing lights installed, so it’s visible during the night.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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