Did you know that A Chinese man built a replica of a Boeing 737 and he’s going to use it as a…


A Chinese farmer has built a replica of a Boeing 737 airplane and he’s going to use the massive construction as a restaurant.

Image Source: Newsflare video screenshot
Image Source: Newsflare video screenshot

In this modern day and age is business is bound to fail in no time if it doesn’t provide some sort of uniqueness and originality to the market. And apparently, one Chinese farmer has found the perfect way to start his own restaurant without the fear of having his place closed down or taken away by a landlord.
The man in question, Wang Lin, is a 61 year old farmer, who’s living in the Henan Province of China where he owns a piece of land. Mr. Lin grew up uneducated, but that didn’t stop him from enrolling in a college and starting a mechanical engineering and metal work program back in 2014. Ever since then he has been working with a bunch of other farmworkers over a project he started on his own piece of land. The guy and his team managed to construct a humongous replica of a Boeing 737 aircraft. Of course, the team built only the exterior of the plane and didn’t put inside anything that would make it usable as an aircraft. Instead, Mr. Lin has other plans for the shell.

The 61 year old man wants to use the replica as a restaurant. He’s going to equip the entire shell with all sorts of amenities so that he could use his construction for business. The shell of the replica is nearly 115 feet in length and the wingspan is 125 feet in width. The man spent $22, 000 in USD on the construction process and there’s no word on how much he’s going to put into transforming the shell into an actual restaurant.


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