Did You Know That A Chinese Man Can Walk In His Custom-Made Iron Shoes That Weigh The Amazing…..


Usually heavy footwear, like winter boots for example, are quite uncomfortable for some people. Having to lift your feet wearing the heavy boots for every single step you take could be quite the exercise for some folk.

But this is not a problem for the factory worker Zhang Fuxing from Tangshan, China. He has the most peculiar exercise routine that he performs every morning. The 51-year-old Chinese powerful human attaches to his legs two huge iron blocks and walks with them for as long as he can.


Zhang Fuxing used his own design to create the extravagant pair of iron shoes weighing the whooping 900 pounds. He welded together the iron blocks which originally were just 160 pounds. But as he grew stronger and stronger each day he walked in the heavy shoes, he decided to make them even heavier. The shoes now outweigh his own body weight almost 7 times. It may seem quite impossible to walk with these shoes but Zhang manages to do it for about 30 minutes every day.


He keeps the fancy iron block shoes in his backyard and even jokes that he is not worried anyone would steal them simply because they are super heavy to lift. His dream is to be able to keep adding up more weight to the shoes with each year and finally earn his spot in the Guinness Book of Records.


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