Did you know that A Chinese man is refusing visits from his mother, because she's…


A Chinese man is refusing visits from his mother, because she’s allegedly too ugly
Today’s high standards set by the media often brainwash us to such point that we see the world and the people in two different extremes – attractive or unattractive. The fact that beauty sells is no secret. And this particular Chinese man is so only skin-deep that he’s refusing his own mother to see him or his children.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

The 63 year old Ding Liang was humiliated at her own son’s wedding, because he treated her like he hadn’t met the woman his whole life, because of the woman’s “peasant-like” and “ugly” appearance. When the man and his new wife had their first child recently Ding thought her son had grown some sense and traveled 5 hours just to see her grandchild and her son. Unfortunately, the man is still refusing to see his mother, because she’s allegedly too repulsive and ugly. The heartbroken woman got lost in Hangzhou, China, where her son lives.
She was found frustrated and crying by some locals who helped her and later reached the media. Ding’s story is going viral all around the globe.


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