Did You Know That A Chinese Millionaire Became A Miner To….


One of the oldest and most devastating vices known to man which is the gambling addiction could derail the life of practically anyone. Few people have the guts and will power to kick this dangerous habit. Here is the story of a Chinese rich man who discovered an extraordinary way to deal with his gambling addiction.


The 39-year-old millionaire from China named Qijang Zhang Yonggiang experienced immense thrills when gambling. His favorite hobby was to visit the local casino and throw away huge amounts of cash. Occasionally, he was extremely happy and fulfilled when he won, but most of the times he was losing a lot. At one point he lost more than 80,000 Yuan ($12,700) on the gambling tables. It was then when Zhang realized that if he kept this up he would ruin his life.


So, after his devastating loss he set his mind to put gambling in the past. At first, Zhang took up mining as a hobby. He was an owner of a supermarket chain but eventually left the business to his wife and family, so he could work as a miner full-time.

After a while Zhang forgot entirely about gambling and dedicated his life to mining, his family and newfound colleagues beneath the ground. He hasn’t gambled in more than 3 years.


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