Did You Know That A Chinese Woman Has Been Wearing Her Wedding Dress Everyday For…


For most women their wedding day is the most special in their lives and once it is over they feel sorry for letting it go. A Chinese woman has found a way to make everyday feel like a wedding for her and there is a good reason behind it.

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When Xiang Junfeng from Shandong Province in China was 18, she was kidnapped and sold to an elderly man. After marrying him against her will, Xiang was forced to work in the fields and treated horribly by her husband. It took her 15 years but the woman finally managed to run away and found shelter in another village. Xiang was helped by a local woman who also introduced her to her brother, Zhu Zhengliang. The two fell in love and decided to get married. Xiang is so happy that she had finally found true love that she has kept wearing nothing else but her wedding dress ever since the ceremony which was 10 years ago. She also made three other identical dresses which she wears according to the seasons. Xiang looks rather strange at her job considering that she works in agriculture but she doesn’t mind. She just wants to show her happiness to the world every single day.


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