Did you know that a Chinese woman is weaving clothes out of …


Have you ever wondered what to do with your expendable hair? Here’s a tip – learn how to weave and start making some trendy sweaters for this season. At least, that’s what a Chinese woman came up with.


45 year old Xiang Renxian has been collecting hair strands from her hairbrush ever since she was 34. She told the media that everyone was envious of her long, shiny black hair so she wanted to keep even the fallen strands. And as if stocking up your own hair in a drawer or something isn’t odd enough, the woman decided to put her hair to good use. It took her around 5 years, but Xiang managed to weave a whole sweater out of her hair using 15 pieces of hair as a substitute for one standard strand of wool. Xiang also spend nearly 3 years weaving a hat from hair, only this time using 20 pieces of hair instead of 15.


While the woman is weaving a hair hat for her hubby, she’s currently waiting her hair to grow gray so that she can weave her name on the sweater.


Written by Patrick Bennet

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