Did You Know That A Chinese Woman Spent 11 Years Knitting Her Husband A Coat Out Of Her….


A 60-year-old woman named Xiang Renxian from the Chongqing area in China devoted more than 11 years of her life to completing a unique project. She is now a retired teacher with plenty of spare time and she spends a great portion of it weaving clothes.

For the past 11 years Xiang has been collecting separate strands of her own hair which she uses for material. The former teacher meticulously collects the hairs when they fell off her head and spins them into a workable yarn. She used the yarn of hair to weave a nice sweater and a hat for her beloved husband.

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Xiang decided to start collecting her hair when she was 34 and used to receive numerous compliments about her dark straight mane. In order to preserve her hair from her youth she started gathering each strand of it. When it got too much she decided to make a sweater and a hat for her husband. She not only did that but also counted each and every hair. Over the course of 11 years she counted exactly 116,058 hairs from her head. The end result was a sweater weighing 382,3g (13, 485 oz) and a hat weighing 119,5g (4,215 oz).


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