Did You Know That A Computer Programmer Hired A Woman To Slap Him Across The Face Every Time He Uses Facebook…


At least that’s what Maneesh Sethi, a Californian computer programmer, gets. He said he used to spend about 19 hours a week browsing through social media sites such as Facebook and Reddit.

So he decided to take matters into his own hands. He hired a woman for $8 ah hour, whose job is to slap him across the face every time he uses social media sites during his work hours. Harsh, but true.
He has explained the reason for his actions on his website. According to Sethi, he can’t get his work done if he keeps distracting himself and he usually does it when there’s no authority figure around to watch him. So he figured that if there’s no way to get his boss to watch him all the time, he had to hire somebody to do so.
And it looks like Kara, the woman who’s currently taken the strange job position, really helps Sethi to keep his head straight into his work.


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