Did You Know That A Convicted Robber Asked The Judge For A Maximum Sentence Because….


Unlike other people, Roy Murphy from Missouri didn’t have any trouble staying out of jail. In fact, it was exactly the other way around. The 43-year-old man tried to rob a store but got caught. During his trial Murphy asked to be given the maximum sentence of 7 years just because he preferred life behind bars.


Murphy, who has been in and out of prison for most of his adult life, stated that life out of prison was hard for him as he didn’t know how to make a living. The man explained that he only tried to rob the store in the hopes of getting arrested and thrown back into jail. Upon leaving the crime scene, he even asked the employees to call the police on him. However, due to politely requesting the store clerk to open the cash drawer instead of using physical force, Murphy was only given a four year sentence.


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