Did you know that A couple accidentally threw their $400,000 wedding ring in…


A couple residing in St. Louis, Missouri, US, accidentally threw away their wedding ring, which is worth $400,000, and had to go through tons and tons of trash to find it.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR

Bernie and Carla Squitieri, a Missouri-based couple, lost their super posh and super expensive wedding ring after Carla threw it in the trash by accident.

As soon as the woman realized where the ring had vanished, she and her husband alarmed the local trash collecting services. The company told them that the van, which was carrying the nasty contents of tons of customers’ garbage, had left the premises approximately 5 hours ago and that it was already heading towards the dunghill. Carla and her husband couldn’t be allowed to go there, since the dunghill is considered as radioactive and it’s against the law for civilians to go near it. Thus, the trash man was forced to park the van on another location and to let the couple rummage through everything for their lost ring. Carla and Bernie were helped with the search by the trash collecting company’s employee and driver of the trash van – Joe Evans. The three of them had to go through the garbage of nearly 900 people residing in St. Louis just to search for the ring, which cost almost half a million. The couple had insurance for it, but the $400,000 wedding ring was too sentimental for them. Eventually, Joe Evans managed to dig out the valuable possession and he returned it to Carla and Bernie.


Later on Carla spoke to the local media about the incident and stated that she felt that finding the ring was like hitting the jackpot and that the happy ending of the unfortunate case was like her own personal Powerball win.


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