Did you know that a couple asked internet users to vote on whether they should have an abor…


Pete and Alisha Arnold from Minneapolis, both in their early 30s, have been married for a decade. However, their marriage hasn’t been roses all the way. For a single year Alisha has had three miscarriages. And when she got pregnant again in 2010 the couple wasn’t so sure if they should hope for a miracle or do an abortion right away.


So what did Pete and Alisha do? They posted a poll on their website so other Internet users could vote on whether they should keep the baby or not. According to them, there was a 50/50 chance of another miscarriage and since they really wanted to be one of those happy parents with babies they were seeing everywhere, they couldn’t bear the thought of losing another embryo. Alongside the poll, they posted frequent pictures from the ultrasound. The couple said the final decision would still be theirs, but they still wanted to know the people’s opinion.


It was no surprise that over 80% of the voters told them to keep the baby.


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