Did You Know That A Couple Born On The Same Day And Married For 75 Years Died…


In the United States alone more than 90% of people have been married at least once by the age of 50. Sadly, the divorce rate is quite high at 40-50%. However, there is an example of a couple who endured a lifetime together against all odds.


Helen and Les Brown from California had a life story which is truly inspiring. The couple met while they were still in high-school. They got married in 1937 while both were still teenagers against their parents’ wishes but soon became role models for a successfully married couple. The two were brought up in different types of families. Helen was from a working middle-class family while Les came from a wealthier one. According to their sons no one ever believed their marriage would last but the couple was able to prove everyone wrong.


What is even more unique about them is that both share the same birthday of December 31, 1918 and they passed away a day apart of each other after 75 years of marriage. Les had Parkinson disease and Helen had stomach cancer. According to their relatives the couple shared a really strong bond and couldn’t possibly live without each other.


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