Did you know that A couple found a stunning time capsule behind the mirror in their…


An American couple was about to repaint their home in Reno, Nevada. What they didn’t expect was to find a small time capsule hidden behind the wall mirror in their bathroom.

Image Source: Imurg
Image Source: Imurg

The man, identified only with his Reddit name DavBeck, shared his and his partner’s finding on the web. The two of them took down their bathroom mirror and were stunned when they found out the house’s previous owner had actually made a small time capsule behind it. The capsule is actually more of a memory board that features four fragments – two photographs, a letter and a page from a newspaper. The letter explains the concept behind the time capsule – every new owner should add something to the board. It’s written by Phillip Fleischmann, the guy who bought the house in the late 1990s and attached the fragments to the wall. He added a picture of himself with a woman named Anna, a photograph of the house from June 2000 as well as the newspaper page that portrays the events from the 11th of September 2001 in New York.


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