Did you know that a couple from Tennessee ordered McDonald's breakfast and got …


Earlier this month Metro reported one of the strangest cases in the history of McDonald’s. A couple from Tennessee drove to McDrive in order to get some breakfast, but they didn’t find any Big Macs and fries in their menu, because it consisted of something much, much more valuable – cash.


When Greg and Stacye Terry from Hermitage, Tennessee, got their paper bag, they also got the shock of their lives after Greg discovered it was full of cash, instead of high-calorie food. Fortunately, a worker at the drive-thru realized the mistake and quickly followed the couple back to their home. The two handed over the cash when they heard the worker’s story. It turned out the banknotes were deposit money which were about to be deposited in a local bank. Stacye told the media that neither she, nor her husband, had any hesitation about returning the banknotes.


According to Metro, the McDonald’s owner at Lebanon Road was extremely grateful to the couple. Do you think he promised them free Big Macs for the rest of their lives?


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