Did you know that A criminal got released from jail after he was mistaken for…


A British criminal was lucky to taste freedom for several days when he was released from a prison in the West Midlands, UK, by mistake on the 2nd of July this year.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

Anthony Douglas, who’s in his 20s, shared the same surname with another inmate, who had already served his sentence. However, a senior staff member at HMP Hewell released Anthony instead of the other guy by mistake due to their mutual surnames. Anthony’s history includes some time spent at Ashworth Hospital, a psychiatric in Liverpool, UK. It’s not clear what his conviction was and how long he had left, but shortly after he was released the local police was immediately notified. The police managed to capture him and return him to the HMP Hewell on the 5th of July, while the other Douglas convict was set free.


The prison stated that they take with great responsibility the safety of the public. The facility takes B, C and D category criminals and serves the Warwickshire, West Midlands and Worcestershire areas. 


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