Did you know that a criminal was spared from jail because he was too…


A 23 year old criminal was spared from jail because of his enormous body proportions.


The 23 year old Jude Medcalf was charged on a series of crimes, including shooting with a firearm and burglary. He was taken into custody and sentenced to jail, but the judge decided to spare Medcalf the time behind bars, because of the man’s height. It turned out that Medcalf was suffering from a condition called Klinefelter Syndrome, which often results in altering a person’s normal body proportions. The man’s impressive 7.2 feet in height were completely incompatible with any bunk bed or prison uniform, so the judge decided to take pity on the criminally active giant. Instead of squeezing into too short beds and uniforms, the man was sentenced to 12 months of community service and six month long curfew.

A coordinator at the Klinefelter Syndrome Association commented on Medcalf’s case by explaining that other sufferers of the syndrome tend to get aggressive thanks to bad childhood memories and experiences connected to their chronic anomaly.




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