Did You Know That A Cursed Italian Island Brings Doom…..


Gaiola Island is a heavenly beautiful piece of land, situated just less than 100 feet off the coast of Naples, Italy. Gaiola consists of two separate tiny islets connected by a small bridge since they stand just a few feet from each other. There is a villa on one of the islets while the other one is uninhibited.

Image Source: Bonnie Alberts
Image Source: Bonnie Alberts

Although the scenery is really picturesque and the island seems like a magical place, it is believed that Gaiola is cursed. The reason for that is the tragic fate that everyone of the subsequent island’s owners has had. Hans Brown, one of the first owners, was found dead in the villa and soon after that his wife also passed away in mysterious circumstances. Otto Grunback who later bought the island suffered a heart attack while there. Several businessmen and industrialists who also owned the island over the years experienced bankruptcy and economic ruin. The head of Fiat, Gianni Angelli, owned the island for a short time and his only son passed away from a mysterious illness. The grandson of Paul Getty, another billionaire who owned Gaiola, was kidnapped. The last in the list of the island owners, Gianpasquale Grappone, was sent to prison after he was found guilty of insurance fraud.




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