Did You Know That A Customer Was Trapped Inside A Bank After The Staff…


Sometimes the most unexpected turn of events can dramatically ruin your day while you are conducting your business. Recently, a woman who had a simple inquiry with her NatWest bank in Waterloo, Central London was enraged after discovering the bank personnel had locked her inside.


The anonymous woman went to the branch of the NatWest bank just a little before 5 pm which was the closing time. She wanted to make a simple inquiry about her account and the manager of the bank had placed her in a quiet room in the back of the bank’s office. From there the woman called the customer service department and received all the information she needed. Unfortunately, when she exited the room she activated the alarm system. Shocked, the woman discovered she had been locked up inside the bank with nowhere to go.


Luckily, she had her cell phone on her so she could call the police and inform them about her awkward predicament. Hour and a half later the bank officials were notified and were able to release the trapped woman.


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