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Ground-breaking bionic lenses, which are able to correct a person’s vision by 3 times, are coming our way.

Image Source: TUMBLR
Image Source: TUMBLR


Modern technology is developing faster than ever and according to official reports, we may not need to wear contacts, glasses or undergo laser eye operations ever again thanks to a set of bionic lenses.
The lenses in question are currently in testing and they are being manufactured by a company named Ocumetics Technology. The company spent the last 8 years researching and developing their product after investing $3 million in their work. Now they’ve come up with this high-tech product, which is believed to be correcting the 20/20 vision by 3 times. In other words, this means that a person equipped with the bionic lenses will be able to see a clock clearly from 30 feet away, while an average person can barely make the digits from 10 feet away.

So, how do these bionic lenses work? They are inserted into the client’s eye via surgery, which takes up approximately 8 minutes. The guys from Ocumetics Technology claim that the surgery is painless and will dramatically improve your eyesight – regardless of how good or how bad it is. The technology is aimed to help disabled people, who need laser surgery, glasses or contacts in order to be able to see better. The CEO of the company, Dr. Garth Webb, claims that his creation could easily help the nearly 14 million visually impaired people, who are residing on the territory of the US right now. Not only that, but he claims that the bionic lenses will be coming our way in less than 2 years. If everything goes well with the tests the company is currently carrying out, the lenses will be made available to the public in Canada by 2018.


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