Did you know that A doctor saved a baby girl thanks to Google…


A Florida-based doctor and his team managed to save a baby girl with the help of Google Cardboard VR.
A team of doctors based in Miami, Florida, US, operated on a 4 moth old girl with the help of a smartphone and Google Cardboard VR.

Image Source: CNN
Image Source: CNN

Chad and Cassidy Lexcen were more than devastated when they learned that their baby girl Teegan was born with half a heart and only one lung. The Minnesota-based family was told that their baby didn’t have a chance of surviving, but they didn’t give up on her. They researched the best surgeons and pediatricians and eventually found out about Dr. Redmond Burke. He’s a cardiovascular surgeon working at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida, and Teegan’s parents saw his contacts and resume on a list featuring the top pediatric surgeons working with the most innovative ways. So, Chad and Cassidy got in touch with the doctor and asked him to try his best to save their baby girl.

Dr. Burke and his team of specialists had never seen something similar to Teegan’s case in their long practice before, but that didn’t stop them from trying. The main problem with the surgery was reaching the girl’s heart without damaging it any further. The only way to do it was using their 3D printer, which had already broken down. Since they couldn’t think of any tried and tested method to carry out the surgery, they opted for something groundbreaking and in the same time low-tech – Google Cardboard VR. Google Cardboard VR is actually nothing more than a small carton box made out of cardboard. You can insert a smartphone in it and use it just like a VR device.


The makeshift VR helped Dr. Burke and the rest of his team of doctors carry out the operation on Teegan smooth and easy regardless of the obstacles they had to face.


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