Did you know that A dream daughter is using Facebook in order to find a new kidney for…


Back in 2001 Elaine Reynolds was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that lowers her chances of finding a kidney donor to 1 in 10,000.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

Mrs. Reynolds is spending 15 hours a week stuck on a dialysis machine and is getting worse with every single day. She needs a new kidney, but because of her immune system, she can’t get one from just any doctor. Even her own daughter, Stephanie, can’t donate the kidney. In a moment of frustration Stephanie decided to turn towards the social media in order to seek help for her sick mother, who has been on the waiting list for the past 4 years. Stephanie set up a Facebook page that seeks the suitable kidney donor. Unfortunately, Elaine’s disease requires the donor to be from the O or A blood group. Only a couple of people have volunteered to serve as donors, but they weren’t suitable for Elaine’s system.


Elaine told the media that she wants to see her potential grandchildren grow and that she is upset because she has to ask a complete stranger for such a favor. 


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