Did You Know That A Drunk Father Made His 10-Year-Old Son….


Last month the father of three, Randy Lewis and his girlfriend Paula Evans celebrated the fifth anniversary of their relationship. Randy took his kids from a previous marriage along with them and they all went to a nice restaurant somewhere in Tennessee.

Unfortunately, the couple was known for their recklessness and severe issues when it came to drinking and substance abuse. As they were riding together in the family van on their way back from the restaurant, Randy decided to do something completely insane. The father was under the influence after consuming over 15 beers and he made his 10-year-old boy drive the van.


After reaching a high speed of over 90 mp/h the van crashed and flipped on its rooftop. When the police authorities attended the crash site, they found the five passengers of the van with minor injuries. During interrogation one of the boys said he was behind the wheel which left the officers completely stunned.


Afterwards everyone was taken to a local hospital and treated for minor injuries. The father Randy Lewis as well as his girlfriend Paula Evans were arrested and charged for child abuse, drunk driving and reckless endangerment. To make the situation even worse the father was wearing a T-shirt with a sign that read “Buy This Dad a Beer” even though something like “Buy This Dad A Brain” might have been more appropriate in his case. He eventually had to change his clothes for a jail uniform.



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