Did you know that a drunken driver was so drunk that the breathalyzer couldn't…


When you’re driving under the influence of alcohol, there’s a big chance of hitting something or someone. And when you cause an accident, the chance of getting busted by the police is even higher.


Reports claim that Levi B Carter, a 28 year old driver, was speeding down a road in Iowa with a friend in the passenger seat of the car. The drunk driver crashed his car into a street sign and it wasn’t long before police officers arrived at the crime scene. Carter told the officers he had drunk a couple of Bud Light beers, but he appeared extremely drunk. It turned out the man was so drunk that the breathalyzer couldn’t even read his blood alcohol level. Furthermore, reports state that he has been talking to some imaginary people. According to the reports, he couldn’t even pass numerous sobriety tests, let alone the old eye test.


Carter is currently behind bars at the Johnson County Iowa Jail. He has been charged with DUI.


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