Did you know that A drunken Russian believed to be dead returned to the living – and went back to…


A Russian man, who was so drunk he was believed to be dead, returned back to the world of the living. And kept drinking!


An unnamed Russian guy just took the phrase “dead drunk” to a whole new level!
If you thought Russia was the country with the best binge drinkers on the planet, then you were probably right. In fact, people there apparently get themselves so drunk they get wrongfully diagnosed as dead – literally!

The unnamed man in question is making headlines all over the world after doctors in Russia saw him not only as dead drunk, but simply as dead. The guy was partying with some of his friends at the end of December and he gulped down so much booze he passed out. When his friends called the emergency services, the docs thought the man had indeed died, so instead of doing more tests or trying to bring him back, they just shipped him off to the morgue. Surprisingly enough, the drunken Russian came back from the land of the dead and woke up frightened in the morgue. According to official reports, some police officers let the “resurrected” guy out of the morgue after they heard his banging and cries for help. Once he was freed from the morgue, the Russian didn’t think twice about seeking any more help from the authorities. Instead, he went back to the same party he was drinking at! His friends got the shock of their lifetime when they saw he had returned to the living. The party, which had turned into a mourning service, was resurrected once again, since the Russian man started drinking again.


Oh, well, now you know why they say Russians go hand in hand with alcohol.


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