Did you know that a drunken woman mistook a cheeseburger for a ….


The title says it right. A woman from Florida was way beyond tipsy when she mistook a cheeseburger for her sandal, while being confronted by the police.


25 year old Rachel Gossett and her 27 year old boyfriend Frank Lucas were at a waffle house parking lot in Loganville, Georgia, when the police received an anonymous tip about the couple, which was having a drunken intercourse at the parking lot. When police officers arrived at the parking lot and spotted the couple in a pickup truck, they were already extremely intoxicated. According to reports, Gossett tried to put on a cheeseburger on her foot several times, mistakenly taking it for her sandal. How drunk does somebody need to be in order to think a burger could pass for a shoe? Reportedly, Gossett’s blood alcohol level had been two times over the legal limit just as Lucas’ one.
The two were arrested and charged for public intoxication and loitering earlier this month.


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