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Did You Know That A “Dumb Starbucks” Coffee Place In LA Is Luring Customers By…


A really peculiar coffee place controversy hit the web recently. A brand new cafe opened its doors in Los Angeles. It’s located on 1802 Hillhurst Avenue in Los Feliz and attracts a huge amount of caffeine addicts who are lured there by the somewhat weird name of the establishment – “Dumb Starbucks”. There you can order a “dumb coffee” from the “dumb menu” which will be served in “dumb cups”.

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The coffeehouse is using absolutely the same logo and provides practically identical services like the mega corporation. The owners have issued and are handing out FAQ sheets to customers explaining how a “Dumb Starbucks” serving “dumb” coffee is not breaking the copyright and trademark laws. According to the anonymous owners they are under the protection of the “parody law” a.k.a. “fair use”. Although they are running a real coffeehouse it’s considered to be an art gallery for legal reasons and the coffee itself is the “art”.


The real Starbucks company is aware of the existence of the “Dumb” coffeehouse and is currently looking into the matter.


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