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Did You Know That A Family Curse Might Have Been The Reason For Bruce And Brandon Lee's….


The untimely decease of both Bruce Lee and his son Brandon put the fans in mourning. The fact that both the martial arts legend and his offspring passed away under such mysterious and eery circumstances have created a number of conspiracy theories. However, according to some, the reason for the father and son’s demise was supernatural and had to do with Lee Hoi Chuen, Bruce’s father.



Back in the day Lee Hoi went into a fight with a group of Chinese merchants according to the story. The merchants cursed him that all his male descendants would pass away young. Lee was very scared that the curse would reach Bruce as well as Lee’s firstborn son died as an infant. In an attempt to confuse the evil spirits, Lee and his wife would often call Bruce with a girl’s name when they were at home. In the film ‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’ an actor who looked exactly like the late star was shown fighting a demon that represented the family curse. Another eery coincidence was that the movie came out just two months after Brandon’s passing.


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