Did You Know That A Family Is Forced To Cover Their Windows And Doors To Protect The Girl Who….


10-year-old Megan Hume is just an ordinary child who loves to go out and play with her friends all day long. Unfortunately, several months ago she developed an extreme and sudden allergic reaction not just to sunlight but to any light whatsoever.

Now the little girl is sitting desperately in her darkened room at home and can’t go out because any light would act just like poison to her. If she stays even for a few minutes outside during daytime, she would develop painful blisters, burns and rashes all over the exposed parts of her skin.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

The “stay at home” situation is even harder since any kind of illumination is actually very dangerous for Megan. She can’t watch TV for more than an hour and can’t even enjoy observing the rising moon.

In order to keep her entertained in this desperate situation, Megan’s family became quite inventive. They started going out on fishing trips in 3 a.m in the morning as well as catching bats. Little Megan even earned the nickname “Little Vampire” that she enjoys.


Megan’s family already came to terms with her rare condition but the doctors haven’t been able to give her an accurate diagnosis yet. Megan’s mum set up a social network group called “Megan’s Right To Light” so they could locate other people across the globe with the same condition.

Although Megan has already adjusted to her life in the dark, she is quite optimistic and wants to have a brighter future.


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