Did you know that A family’s Airbnb rental turned out to be a marijuana…


A family vacationing in Australia was shocked to discover that their Airbnb house was actually a marijuana greenhouse.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia


46 year old Jacquie Young and 48 year old Dieter Winkler decided to take their family on a vacation to Burleigh Heads, Australia, but their highly anticipated getaway was turned into a nightmare that involved drugs, police and a 5 hour long detention.

The family rented out an Airbnb home and received only one explicit instruction from the 40 year old woman owning the place – not to enter the locked room in the house on any circumstances. The vacationers heard the sounds of running water coming from the locked room, but didn’t bother asking questions. However, they received a surprise visit from the local police department and were forced into a truly unpleasant situation when the local authorities discovered what was really going on behind the locked door. As it turned out, the room was being used as a marijuana greenhouse and the police found the owner of the Airbnb was growing the illegal plant with the help of indoor hydroponic growing equipment, which was making the noises. The authorities didn’t bother asking questions before they attacked the family and detained them. They kept them in the housing for 5 long hours before they eventually got to the bottom of the story and realized the vacationers had nothing to do with the rental or the illegal substances in it.
Jacquie and Dieter’s family was eventually released without any charges. Furthermore, they were given $1,261 as a refund and some additional funds so that they could find an alternative accommodation for the rest of their vacation. The name of the 40 year old female owner of the Airbnb and the homemade greenhouse remains undisclosed, but reports show that the woman has been charged for her actions and will appear before a court this February.


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