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Did you know that a fast food chain in India is using a drone to…


A fast food chain located in Mumbai, India, was inspired by Amazon’s plans of using drones for delivery. The inspiration was so strong that the pizzeria actually made their very first drone delivery earlier this May.

On the 11th of May a small drone carrying a takeaway pizza order from Francesco’s Pizzeria was successfully tested during a short flight to a customer’s address. The remote controlled drone took off from the center of Mumbai and landed after a 1.5 km journey to the customer’s address. The security restrictions of the drone didn’t allow it to fly at over 400 feet. The unmanned robot was equipped with four rotors and its price was estimated at nearly $1,800. After the first test delivery the pizzeria is positive they will be using drones for deliveries from now on.

Mikhel Rajani, the chief executive of the fast food chain shared that there are still some inconveniences regarding the drone’s battery life, which only lasts up to 8km. However, he’s convinced that drones will become the delivery staff of the future.


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