Did You Know That A Father Was So Fed Up With His Daughter's Messiness That He Mover Her….


Teenagers can really be handful sometimes and a certain father from Georgia came up with a rather unusual idea to deal with his disobeying daughter Haley. The teenage girl, who was otherwise an honor student and not a bad kid, had a problem with keeping her room clean.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

The unnamed father who happened to be in the military was so fed up with asking his daughter to clean her room that he went to extreme lengths to make her understand her mistake. Used to soldiers obeying his commands, Haley’s father took matters into his own hands and moved his room to the driveway as he previously had warned her. The teenage girl returned from school to find her bed, desk, wardrobe and all other personal belongings standing outside along with two pieces of plywood with the message : “Room moved to driveway.Clean it next time”. The father also hired a carpenter to the some renovation to Haley’s room hoping she would keep it clean from now on.




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