Did You Know That A Flight Attendant Was Arrested After An App Found A Lost….


Losing a precious cell phone, a laptop or any sort of expensive piece of technology containing important work related information or family memorabilia could be one of the most painful experiences anyone could endure. In this regard many technological companies continue to innovate and develop newer and more sophisticated systems and software for theft prevention.

For example, one airline passenger lost his overly expensive iPad on the plane. The other passengers discovered it placed on a seat and gave it to the flight attendant.

Image Source: Local Police Department
Image Source: Local Police Department

A couple of days later the misfortunate passenger remembered about a special app called “Find my iPad” that he had installed on his device earlier. He used it only to discover his iPad was located at the address of the very same flight attendant who took it from the plane.


Her name was Wendy Ronelle Dye, aged 43 and she worked for Horizon Air. She was arrested by the Oregon City Police and charged with theft. At first she said she took the iPad only to store it before turning it over to the airline but the police officers discovered her personal info on the machine as well as her husband’s birthday reminder.


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