Did you know that A football fan is selling his house and his family…


This year’s FIFA World Cup is probably driving most of the players absolutely insane. But it seems like some average fans have also lost their minds as well.

Image Source: YOUTUBE
Image Source: YOUTUBE

According to official reports, an unnamed French football fan has put his family and his house up for sale on Le Bon Coin – a French website similar to eBay. The man is trying to raise $13.5 million by selling out his own flesh and blood and his house. And as if this doesn’t sound crazy enough, he’s doing it all for football. The guy is a huge fan of Guillermo Ochoa and he’s trying to prevent the goalkeeper from switching AC Ajaccio for another EU club, which will happen soon. Since the fan wants his favorite player to stick to AC Ajaccio in the French League, he’s willing to sacrifice everything in order to pay Ochoa’s wage.


It’s not clear what the footballer thinks of this crazy stunt. 


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