Did you know that a French chemist managed to unboil an…


Hervé This is the most famous chemist France has ever seen. He’s famous for many things – he has found a way to produce 24litres of mayonnaise from one single egg, he has appeared multiple times on the radio and on TV shows, he wrote bestsellers. But most of all, he knows how to unboil an egg.


So how does one unboil an already boiled egg? Hervé’s explanation sounds simple when it comes from him. However, the process isn’t so simple in detail. According to the French chemist, the protein molecules of the egg unroll themselves when the egg is being cooked. Those molecules enclose with the water molecules. In order to reverse this process, you have to detach the egg’s protein molecules from each other. The uncooking can be done by adding sodium borohydride, which will liquefy the egg in three hours. Of course, Hervé has a solution for those of you who want to try unboiling an egg at home – the chemist says vitamin C will make a great substitute for the sodium borohydride.


Are you willing to try this at home?


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