Did You Know That A GameStop Robber Called Ahead To Make Sure "Call Of Duty" Is…


Recently, a provident thief decided to acquire the freshly released version of gaming products from a GameStop in Nashville, Tennessee. The man had a smart plan that enabled him to quickly go in the store and easily locate exactly what he wanted.


According to witnesses and police reports the masked thief allegedly called the store a couple of days earlier and asked for several items to be reserved especially for him. He asked the employees to hold for him the freshly released version of XboX One, the first person shooter “Call of Duty: Ghosts” as well as “NBA 2K14” and “Just Dance 2014”. Only the XboX would have cost him $500 and the thief explained to the employees that these were going to be given to a child as a birthday present.


When he showed up at the store he wore a mask and was armed. Besides his previously reserved items, he also took more than $600 from the cash register. The police is currently investigating the case.


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