Did You Know That A Gang In Czech Republic Stole A 10 Ton Metal Bridge In Order To….


In 2012 numerous cases of metal theft were reported. Britain, France and even the Czech Republic were swarming with news of metal theft.

One particular theft caused the Czech Republic millions of dollars worth of damage. It was reported that a gang stole a 10 ton pedestrian metal bridge in order to sell it for metal scrap. They used a crane to dismantle it. The bridge was linking Loket and Horni Slavkov villages. The gang also showed the police officers, who were on a routine patrol, forged documents in order to convince the officers that the gang was working on a new bicycle path.

Image Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Wikipedia

The stolen 10 tons of metal were estimated to cost around $6,300 although the Czech government would have to pay millions to restore the bridge.


The France-Presse reported that the scrap metal heists have been propagating through many countries because of the enticing sums scrap dealers have begun to pay.


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