Did You Know That A Ghost Ship Crewed Only By Cannibal Rats Is Heading….


A huge 300ft long Soviet cruise ship, built more than 40 years ago and called Lyubov Orlova, is currently sailing completely unattended in the North Atlantic ocean. The ship carries the name of a popular Russian actress. During the time when it was operational it used to transport more than 100 passengers to various destinations across the globe, including the ice-cold North and South poles.


The cruise ship was seized and decommissioned in 2010 by the Canadians over unpaid debts. The crew, also left unpaid, deserted the ship on the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. The massive “Lyobov Orlova” spent nearly two years anchored before it was decided it should be towed to the Dominican Republic to be scrapped.


Unfortunately, while it was towed during heavy storms the tow line broke and the ship was left adrift without any crew on board. It was later reported that the ship was also infested with rats. Starvation made the diseased rats feed on each other like cannibals or zombies.

Efforts to locate the ship were unsuccessful, but it has been reported by a independent satellite searcher that the ship was last seen near the shores of Scotland.


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