Did You Know That A Ghost Was Caught On CCTV In One Of The Oldest….

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“Ye Olde Man and Skythe” in Bolton, England is officially Britain’s fourth oldest pub. The pub dates back to 1251 and, naturally, there is something spooky about a building as old as that. Recently, a peculiar event took place in the pub and made the headlines. Reportedly, the CCTV cameras at the pub recorded something that can only be explained as “paranormal”.

Tony Dooley, the manager of the pub, was the first one to suspect something wasn’t right. When he came to his workplace last Friday he discovered broken glass on the floor but nothing in the pub seemed to be broken or missing and there were no signs of someone trying to break in. So Dooley went to check the CCTV cameras and discovered the last footage was from 6:18 a.m. after which the cameras have stopped working. But after watching the footage Dooley, who admits being a skeptic, was really baffled. Just before they stopped working the cameras had captured the image of an eerie figure that seemed to be floating in the room.


Dooley shared that the pub has often been rumored about being haunted due to it being so old. The most famous ghost supposed to visit the place is James Stanley, the 7th Earl of Derby who was a descendant of the pub’s original owners and reportedly lost his head in 1651.


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