Did You Know That A Ghost Was Caught On Tape In The Central Cemetery Of….


In August last year an astonishing video appeared on YouTube. During the 1:31 minute clip you can see paranormal activity that can truly send chills down your spine.

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The video features a ghost that resides in a family crypt in Sofia, Bulgaria, Eastern Europe. The Sarafovi family consisted of 9 members who all died mysteriously in a fire more than a century ago. The youngest family member was a 4-year-old child and the oldest was a 64-year-old man. There is no information whether the fire was set on purpose or was just an accident as the tragedy took place back in 1912.

The clip was shot with an infrared camera by a person named Natalia Permanova. The ghost seen in the footage resembles a human figure that moves eerily slow. It even looks as if the ghost was slow dancing with someone.


The crypt depicted in the video resembles in architecture the other 30 crypts found in the cemetery at the time but there are many small details which make it unique and distinguishable.


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