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Did You Know That A Giraffe Woman Wants To Extend Her Neck By…


There are hundreds of thousands of girls around the world who are desperate to grab the first opportunity they get of becoming a reputable fashion model. Because the competition in this industry is fierce one 28-year-old woman named Sydney V. Smith decided to take an unorthodox approach.  Since more than 3 years the Los Angeles woman has been attempting to naturally extend her neck.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

She uses 11 copper rings which she wears around her neck all the time. Sydney got inspired of doing this after watching National Geographic and the women of the Thailand and Burma tribes. They prolong their necks by encasing them in rings from a very early age. Sydney’s dream is to become famous as the “Giraffe Woman” and get hired by a fashion design company as a specialty model.


The special copper rings around Sydney’s neck were custom made by one of her friends. Luckily they are mounted with a special screw which can be immediately removed in case of emergencies.  Sydney’s neck is currently measured  between 10-11 inches and it’s all due to the effect of wearing the rings.


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