Did You Know That A Girl Only Eats Chicken Because She Is…


Charlotte Snow from North London has a weird problem. The 18-year-old girl is terrified by most foods so she doesn’t eat anything but chicken.

Image Source: News Dog Media
Image Source: News Dog Media

Charlotte gets anxious just by the thought of getting other foods in her mouth and not liking the taste. Her parents have done everything to make her have a well-balanced diet and consume vegetables and fruit but to no success. The girl’s mother claims it all started when Charlotte was 3 years old and nearly choked while eating spaghetti. She was so traumatized that she has been refusing to eat anything else but chicken ever since. Only recently Charlotte agreed to add bread, cereal and crisps to her limited menu but these foods need to be specific brands as well. Even though the girl has been on her high-fat diet for more than a decade, luckily, she is not overweight and doesn’t have any health problems.


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