Did You Know That A Girl Scout Broke The Record For Most Cookie Box Sales With 18,107 And Will…


One of the most unique accomplishments of a 12-year-old girl name Katie Francis from the big Okalahoma City is currently going viral. The little girl was able to conquer new heights in her dedication to be the best girl scout ever. Katie was able to sell more than 18,000 box of delicious cookies for little over 7 weeks.

Image Source: FACEBOOK
Image Source: FACEBOOK

According to the reporters from USA Today the 6th  grader overachieved her goal with 200%. She also bested the previous cookie sales record of 18,000 set by her competitor Elizabeth Brinton. Katie’s exact record is 18,107 and she is more than proud of it.  Her motivation comes from the fact that she enjoys selling cookies at all times regardless to whom she’s speaking. She is quite determined to set a new record next year and quickly becoming one of the best cookie salesperson’s in the world.


A percentage of the profit of her sales are going towards charitable foundations and for breast cancer research.


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